2013 Dec. 23: Jingle bells for Trans-Bi-Gay-Les this Christmas…

by Yaya Mavundla

I remember two decades ago when I was 5 years old; I didn’t know what Christmas meant. All I knew was that my granny will buy me nice clothes.
On Christmas day we would go to church, and on our return my aunt who lived in KwaMaphumulo in Kwa-Zulu Natal would serve rice, chicken curry, salads and for dessert custard & jelly, 3 biscuits that were washed down with some cold squash.

Today things have changed, not just for me but many people.
Who on earth ever thought that people would want to travel the world just for Christmas?
Well, believe you me, it’s happening.

I’ve been given the task of finding out about people’s previous Christmas experiences and what they long for this Christmas. The plans they have for the day and those they’ll be spending it with.

Mzamo Gcabashe (2013) Photo by Zanele Muholi

Mzamo Gcabashe, Parktown. Johannesburg (2013)
Photo by Zanele Muholi

I spoke to a few interesting  people such as the forever humble social butterfly and the King of Cabaret Amstel Maboa, the reigning Miss Black Pride Candice Nkosi, the bubbly and dramatic Mzamo Gcabashe and of course the newly-wed couple Promise and Mpho Samonne-Meyer to name a few.

Those interviewed also shared their wishes.
All I can say is that some need to write a letter to Santa Claus.

South African well known make-up artist Lwazi Blose Cele aka Diva Kadach said for him Christmas is time to appreciate the gift of life.
“It means understanding the meaning of giving and sharing. It is time to rejoice and be thankful to the Lord for all his mercies and undying love” Diva Kadach explains.

Even though he understands the meaning of giving and sharing, things for him are different.
Losing his mom 8years ago, a few days before Christmas doesn’t make things easy.
“This I know will be the hardest of them all as I’m not in good terms with my family and they moved out. I am now alone and when such things happen, you can’t help but wonder how life would be, had she still been alive. Every Christmas she would wake up and prepare a feast fit for a Queen and King. She strongly believed in sharing and giving. Even though these things happen, the pain and other harsh experiences don’t stop people from dreaming big.”


Lesiba Mothibe, Chairperson of Uthingo in Daveyton.
Former beauty queen.
Photo by Zanele Muholi (2013)

Diva Kadach would love to be somewhere where he can witness white Christmas simply because it looks posh and fancy.

 While Amstel on the other hand insists that his ideal destination for December 25th is to be at Church and home.  Spending time with family is the best way to spend the day.

“I would love to be in Cape Town for Christmas” said Xoli Ntsebeza from Daveyton in Johannesburg
“I would love to get a laptop for Christmas. That is something I would love to get, a laptop for Christmas” repeated Lesiba Mothibe, Chairperson of Uthingo a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) organization in Daveyton (Johannesburg).

“I would love to spend Christmas where there is snow and my dream meal on Christmas Day is sea food, I know it’s strange but it would be a change” that is Durban’s Marven Buthelezi dream.

I wanted to pinch myself so I can believe I was still alive, these sounded like a fairy-tale!
But then again I realised we are on the 21st century anything is possible.

While some people might take Christmas very lightly, it is something very emotional for some people and it reminds them of a lot of things.
“For me, Christmas is a very special day, because we celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ our saviour, Amstel’s meaning of this special day.
“As a member of 3sum most of my Christmas days were spent with Koyo Bala and Jeff Moyo (the late member of the defunct popular gay group. Moyo passed away 4 years ago).
Sometimes I’ll be either at a show or maybe in Rustenburg at Jeff’s home, or in Cape Town at Koyo’s home or in Mamelodi with my family.

We were always together during this time, I must say I miss Jeff Moyo everyday” he added.

As it might seem spending Christmas with family is the best way for some people, others are deprived of that because of responsibilities at work. Whereas others are either evicted from homes due to homosexuality or have no connections with family because of their sexuality.
Some are just comfortable to be away with their partners away from everyone else.
Miss Gay Soweto founder and organizer Letebele Motswenyane will not be going home and will be spending Christmas in Johannesburg alone due to work commitments and his studies.

The Feather award winner for Socialite of the Year 2013 and Cula Sibone presenter, Bujy Bikwa won’t be spending his Christmas with his family too.
“I will be dropping my family off in Midrand and going to Potchefstroom that’s where I will be spending my Christmas”, spoken like a true diva, party hard while you still can.
For Bujy It’s different as he won’t be buying any gifts for his mother but giving her money rather as he does not know what he should buy.

A lot of gifts are shared and for some people it’s just not necessary due to personal circumstances.

Xoli and her mother don’t really share gifts so there won’t be any of those. However; she would love to get a new cellphone for Christmas. Amstel would love to receive a bible as a gift.
Candice Nkosi would have loved to buy something for his brother but due to financial constraints he cannot.
Marven on the other hand will be getting his mom a handbag. Mzamo will be cooking a storm for the family and that’s his gift for Christmas to them.

Believe you me, there is always a lot of food on Christmas Day. It’s so exciting, people eat from morning till evening. Especially with so many lunch invitations.

Lesiba is having a Christmas lunch at a friend’s house.


TK’ Khumalo, BB Section Umlazi township,
Durban, 2012
Photo by Zanele Muholi

TK Khumalo
is spending the whole day at home helping his aunt prepare the Christmas meal.
As much as he would have loved to go to Church, he can’t because it will be closed.

Bujy wants to have a Sunday meal that includes Chicken curry.

The newly-wed couple Promise & Gift are promising nothing but a storm in the kitchen for Christmas. Then jet off to Cape Town, to enjoy their honeymoon which includes a visit to Robben Island.

Tumi Ndweni will also be baking a chocolate cake amongst other cakes the night before.
There will be a lot of Chicken too for Christmas lunch, I admire butch lesbians who know how to cook, such an inspiration.

Over the top menus are prepared from Chicken ala king, Chicken kebabs, Pasta etc.
People are bound to put on weight, I watch the space!

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