2014 Jan.12: Presenting Gavin Matseke… The queer we all love to hate!!!


Super polished image of Guccified Gavin…

Profiled by Jeremiah Sepotokele

The day is finally here, having scheduled an interview with the gorgeous and witty Gavin Matseke.
We met at the calm, cool and tranquil outdoors of Glen Austin, in Midrand at a friend’s place. We were going to have a mooi lekker braai, and as I walked towards the venue from the car port I began to get chills like I was in the middle of the North Pole. I learned about Gavin from certain fairies I cannot mention from Gayville Jozi.

He was described as a finicky diva who’s best friends with exclusive parties and le good life.
I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on the dial and book an appointment to find out who is this Sasha Fierce.

Needless to mention that I was late and pink with embarrassment but Gavin was ice-cream cool as he smiled “nice to meet you Jeremiah.”
Without any chaos we swiftly moved outdoors to begin our conversation.

As I sat my cute booty down on the orange soft cube I threw my first question at the man of moment. “Who is Gavin and where does he hail from?” I asked attentively.
He didn’t hesitate for a second to tell me about his humble beginnings with so much energy.
Born, bred and buttered in Alexandra township in Johannesburg. Gavin described himself as a typical Sagittarian who oozes energy and gets bored easily.
He attained his both primary and secondary education in Alexandra and has been focused as long as he could remember.
“I am really quite a motivated individual and I am always involved in various initiatives.”
Gavin maintained assertively that he grew up gay all his entire life as he crossed his legs Elizabethan style.
“I am a boy that loves other boys and I am very comfortable with my sexuality.”
His interesting coming out story made me not to want to miss a single part of it as I drew my recorder closer to his nostrils.
Gavin came out to his mother later in his life after high school.
He has gotten his first apartment in the oh-so lovely leafy suburbs of Melrose.
He was in a relationship with a man for a year and things were really serious.
One sunny day, his mother came for a sweet visit and Gavin was super anxious like a shoplifter awaiting trial.
He was incredibly unsettled and was compelled to tell mommy his pink wrapped secret. “Mom I am gay” revealed Gavin as he received the calmest response from his mother as she claimed to have suspected so.

Gavin says he always knew that he was different from the age of six as he always loved assuming the role of being the mother when was playing house.
He was always in the company of girls and played all the indigenous games like mugusha, which was typically played by girls in the township.

His father passed on when he was twelve and that did not stop him from making something out his life.
“I was never born with a silver spoon but I knew I was going to eat with it” he laughs. Gavin was just as determined to make it in life and knew he had to fend for himself. Education has been an important part of his success as he had schooled himself.
He holds an Education Training and Development Practice (ETDP) which had been obtained in three states in the USA (skhoth so hard)!
“I love studying” he giggled as he shared that he would be graduating in January with a Higher Certificate in Business Management.

The good life has always been in Gavin’s mouth as long as he can remember.
Some of his expensive taste includes the French champagne that costs an arm and a leg. “I just love Moet, I should be appointed as their brand ambassador” he says with a great deal of diva entitlement.
Gavin unapologetically adores “bubbles” as he says it comes with a certain starlight and draws people’s attention in these top Sandton clubs he parties in.
Gucci the luxury brand is also featured in his wardrobe which makes lekker sense why the over-achieved Gavin would have Guccified as his AkA.

I was bothered by the excessive display of opulence in which I took up the opportunity to ask if such had to do with self-esteem.
“Yeah for sure it does” confessed Gavin. However, he says for the longest time in his life it “was about running away from his reality.”
But now he is an affirmed adult that knows better about life.

With the use of hands that fly about during the conversation, the sporadic use of “OMG” it felt like I was catching up with an old friend.
I would have hated myself for not asking about his love life which he was open about. Jonathan is the name of the man that keeps him twirl and twerk.
The two met a party and celebrated their year’s anniversary on the 31st Dec 2013, indeed love is in the air.Gavin was just one lovely soul to speak to and definitely loved his zest for life.
Love him or hate, the world is indeed his oyster!

086 gavin

Gavin’s balanced wheel… snapshot by Penny King

Previous by Jeremiah

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