2014 March 28: What we did is history now


2014 March 28:   What we did is history now


Valerie am missing you_3790

Valerie & Sly_3755

Valerie & Sly_3749


Val in a joyful mood_3784

Val & Sly sm_3783



sly sm_3726

Sly sm_3722

Sly Moon & Bridge_3815

Sly and Valerie sm_3718

Sly and Val off ground_3806  Sly and da moon sm_3816

Sly & Val off ground_3802

Sly & Val off ground best_3803

sly & val off da ground_3782


© Zanele Muholi

Where:  San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge
Country:  United States
Featuring:  Selaelo ‘Sly’ Mannya and Valerie Thomas
When:  14th March 2014
Camera used:  Canon 6D with 85mm lens. f stop: 2.8
How: The photos were taken set on multiple shots.

The story about how we ended up doing this will follow.
Sly and Val will share their part.


To be continued…












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