2014 March 26: Lucky Ronni @ Studio 44


2014 March 26:  Lucky Ronni @ Studio 44

Constanza Macraz/ Dorkypark
City: Berlin, Germany
What: During rehearsals

Photos by Zanele Muholi
Camera used: Canon 6d with 50mm lens.

Lucky Ronnie 3 sm_4551

Lucky Ronnie 4 sm_4573

Lucky Ronnie 5 sm_4520


Lucky & Ronnie embrace sm_4604

Lucky Ronnie2 sm_4577  Lucky & Ronni sm_4572


Lucky & Ronni xsm_4582

Lucky & Ronni sm_4568

Lucky & Ronni sm_4594

Lucky Ronnie sm_4458


About the dancers in these photos
currently on AiR @ Constanza Macraz

Lucky Kele
 specializes in traditional and contemporary African dances. He grew up in Katlehong (ZA), a township in the East Rand known for its criminality and poverty. He translates the memory of a rough childhood in his tormented dance. As a choreographer he conceived many works that have been presented in various festivals in Africa, the US and Europe.

Ronni Maciel was born in Carmo, Brazil. He studied ballet in Rio de Janeiro and danced for the Balé Teatro Guaira, the state ballet of Curitiba, Brazil. In 2006 he joined the company of Constanza Macras/DorkyPark and moved to Berlin. In 2013 he choreographed the German premiere of Chico Buarque’s “Ópera do Malandro” at the Neuköllner Oper Berlin. In the same year he co-choreographed and performed in the film Anahí’s Room by director Ivalo Frank. Ronni’s latest solo piece, “Diversion”, premiered at Platforma in Berlin, 2013.
Interview with Lucky to be aired on Inkanyiso channel (Youtube) next week.







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4 Responses to 2014 March 26: Lucky Ronni @ Studio 44

  1. Mlondi Zondi says:

    Zanele these are gorgeous. They are loaded with so much meaning and they raise important questions. There’s a lot that Black men need to reflect on. The photographs of this piece evoked in my mind Marlon Riggs’ words in ‘Tongues Untied’ : “Black men loving Black men is the revolutionary act”. I wish I saw the piece and I would love to talk to Lucky and Ronni more about it

  2. Leptie haute couture says:


  3. Lady Thorns says:

    Wow. Now this is what Art is about. I wish I could watch them perfom. It’s a very nice concept they have going on ey.

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