2014 May 19: ‘Titleless’

“She won’t open up about anything that hurts so I’ve had to source alternative ways to understand the woman I love.

She’s my calm, introverted soul who has mastered the persona of a swan – floats swiftly with grace and a good dose of ‘pride and elegance’, and no one quite gets the opportunity to encounter the furious paddling which is simultaneously tied to this grace.

Allow me below the surface so I may share your struggle.  Allow me to keep you afloat when your legs get weary from paddling alone. You don’t have to always act so strong.

She won’t say it but I’ve learnt to read it from every fibre of her being.
From her warm brown eyes, fired with love and fueled with a passion for life, sports and fashion. To her smile which reveals her struggle, her journey. Her firm grip reassuring me of her love and of coz her giggles… Pure bliss 🙂

Talk to me.
Tell me how you feel.
Talk to me.

Share your thoughts hopes and desires. Let me return the favor and support your dreams, encourage your ambition, celebrate in your achievements and pray with you for your greatest desires like you have done with mine.

I want to love you like you claim to love me and I can’t achieve that with your emotions encapsulated like that.
Invest your emotions in me babe.
My intentions are not to hurt you.
Don’t allow the pain, betrayal and disappoints of the past to rob you of experiencing all the love I have to give.

I have a foot through the door which has made me understand you.
Love you the way I do and share in your happiness.
Please release the handle because my ultimate goal now is to share in your sadness and pain alike.

I won’t rush you on this.  We have forever to figure it out, but till then: I have your eyes to read, your touch to interpret, your strength n grace to admire, your dreams to inspire and your abundant love to embrace.”



About the author

Author’s name reserved to respect her identity.
NB: Message received via email.











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4 Responses to 2014 May 19: ‘Titleless’

  1. mandy Nxumalo says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm *deep in her thoughts*

  2. Leptie haute couture says:


  3. yv says:

    love, love, surlove this.

  4. tams says:

    well said

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