2014 June 16: Muholi on CBC Radio – Photos



2014 June 16:   Muholi on CBC Radio - Photos

by Erin Warner of Ryerson Image Center gallery
Where: Ryerson University, Toronto. Canada.


2014 June 16 after the interview @ cbc radio_1303


2014 June 16 after the interview at CBC radio_1296


… so many questions asked.

Interview transcript to be included later.

Happy World Pride Toronto!!!

Let us remember all those who did not make it up to this far due to prejudice, hate crime incidents and illness.


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Twitter messages

@MuholiZanele You spoke with such electrifying conviction on @CBCRadioQ
today – I love your passion!!
12:03 AM – 17 Jun 14

“Each and every portrait is a life story”
@MuholiZanele on photos that don’t vilify/undermine: goo.gl/xirJwX








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