2014 June 26: Successful Faces and Phases O.P.E.N in Singapore


OPEN_9178Zanele Muholi speaking at the opening of her exhibition “fo(u)nd”


Big audience_9123



2014 June 26 OPEN entrance_2329






A friend_9172


Muholi Z_9184


noorlinah_9140 Noorlinah Mohamed, Director, The O.P.E.N.


Muholi speaks_9181


question_9170Shobha Bhalla, CEO & Editor-in-Chief, India Se 






Audience_9159Zizi Azah, Artistic Director of Teater Ekamatra 






A friend_9173


Jay & Friend_9273




with eugene_9303Eugene Tan interacting with Muholi


muholi & eugene_9300


Muholi and supporters_9213


fiks the socialite_9272


Muholi chatting with members of the audience_9265

beautiful youth_9299The O.P.E.N. Fellows


Dr Fiks_9271Fikile Mazambani, a Toronto based human rights activist and writer with fans…


William Fiks & Laura_9270


The PR manager & Client_9205


Nat & Fred_9290




Exhibition text_9280

Randy_9289William Phuan, Director of The Arts House
Kathy Lai, CEO of National Arts Council 

Open programme_9287

2014 June 26 OPEN banners_2326


Zanele Muholi with Keng Sen the O.P.E.N SIFA Director...

Zanele Muholi with Keng Sen the O.P.E.N SIFA Director…



Muholi with Zahian & Eve_9311


OPEN exhibit ft Jay Pather_9318


OPEN team and friends_9317



All photos were commissioned by Zanele Muholi.
Singapore (2014).

Muholi presented at the Legacies of Violence session.

See the link below

All The O.P.E.N. events are at:
72-13, Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 239007

 Related article to be posted later.



About the photographer

Joey Chua is a 19 year old 2nd Year undergrad student at Singapore Nanyang Technological University –Wee Kim Wee School of Communications and Information.
She documents people through photography and videography and hope to deliver sincere and truthful messages.










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