2014 Aug. 23: “How long will lesbians and gays be killed? “

An opinion by T. Mathe

It is quite obvious that they have not forgotten about us. They still hunt us down. It was a bit quite and now they are back. How long should we visualize this in a form of Art?

How long should we sing about it or pray about it perhaps write about it?
Which streets should we walk on?
And which shouldn’t be attempted?

The police will blame society, reverends will call for prayer, ward councillors will say they preach about Equality! JUST STOP!!!

How long will this happen?
How long will lesbians and gays be killed?
Stop coming with law and constitution! How long will they be killed?
What is to be done?

Dear Lesbians, Gays, Transgender and Intersex how long should you preach to people about you?
That you are you?
That you are who you are, that you love what you love!? STOP just STOP we have to Act.

We have to act as soon as possible. My appeal is that the DEATH sentence should come back for rapists and murders.
Jails become hotels, the perpetrators  are released speedily. What do we do next?
Greet each other like nothing happened?

Believe that you saw psychologists?
Why can’t you follow the victimized as a victim?
Dear Community I am supper tired of these scandals.
A vagina is the same like the victims’ mother, breasts are full of glands like their mothers. What is it then that they want from us?

Dear Justice department what is it that we should do?
Launch another hate crimes event?
Churches should we pray?
Community should we unite?
Do unto others what you want to yourself and that is it!

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1 Response to 2014 Aug. 23: “How long will lesbians and gays be killed? “

  1. keabetswe rakgotla says:

    i am a supporter of gays and lesbians and i am proud to say that

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