2014 Aug. 22: Photos from Disebo Gift Makau’s Memorial Service

by Lindeka Qampi & Zanele Muholi

Where: Stadium Hall, Ext. 2. Ventersdorp
Camera used:  Canon 6D with different lenses


concerned citizens_0560


Rinah Makau & relatives_0430


Mally Simelane in the audience_0461


Mapule Mataboge_0471


rinah makau_0594


masechaba in tears_0523


Muholi documenting_0497


a woman with the camera_0427


Rabbuh _ CGE_0639


usisi womhelane_0448


Lebogang Kalane_0475


omama 2 wt Mally Simelane_0617




dikeledi sibanda in audience_0502


relatives and friends_0602


Gift s partner_0533


concerned citizens1_0559


rinah makau_0625


some citizens collapsed during service_0496


Mighty Ladies coach_0483


omama bomthandazo_0572


Mapule _ Muholi_0451


KayKay L_0550



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4 Responses to 2014 Aug. 22: Photos from Disebo Gift Makau’s Memorial Service

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  2. lindiwe says:

    Y u beasy killing pple y we lesbians n we will never change

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