2014 Aug. 19: Makau family mourns the brutal murder of their beloved

On the 19th Aug. 2014, Inkanyiso members visited the home of the recent victim of hate crime, Gift Disebo Makau in Ventersdorp. 
Her dead body was discovered directly opposite her mother’s home, 70 metres away.

She was a young ‘out’ lesbian well known in the community.
A good soccer player and played for Mighty Ladies.
Her mother accepted her sexuality and love Disebo dearly.
Her sister will always missed her beautiful smile…

deceased_9377Disebo’s mother, MaMakau shows the ID book of her deceased daughter.


Rinah MaMakau & Tshepang_9363

 She is survived by her sister Rinah, left, mother and brother Tshepang…

Gift Makau_9394

 The beautiful portrait of a youngster who had dreams and hope of becoming an accountant… She attended her higher at Vuselela FET College at the time of her death…

She was last seen by her mother on Thurs, 14th Aug. 2014.

umsamo_9365A candle is lit as part of the mourning ritual…


Ventersdorp community is enraged by the brutal killing of Disebo Makau.

 members of the community_9567 The residents gathered at the stadium to discuss the escalating crime in the areas… A meeting was convened by the local councillor…

hose pipe_9468

A piece of this hose pipe was rammed into her throat…
Her lower body naked, it is allegedly that she was raped before being killed…

councillor community members_9535

Ward Councillor Mapule Mataboge addresses the residents of Ventersdorp about the incident…

Rinah Makau_9411Rinah Makau, sits on Disebo’s bed… thinking about her.

crime scene_9488

The crime scene in front of her mother’s home.

councillor mapule mataboge_9623

hose pipe as evidence_9464

Hose pipe which was forced into her mouth with running water. Part of it will be used for evidence in court…

IMG_9541 tshepo_9618


the cellphone for evidence_9423

Disebo’s cellphone which was discovered at the alleged suspect’s home.

residents meeting_9559


Photos by Zanele Muholi







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23 Responses to 2014 Aug. 19: Makau family mourns the brutal murder of their beloved

  1. yandientuli says:

    It is so sad and it hits deep in my heart for a young soul to be brutaly murdered like this, I keep asking myself what kind of a human being who can do such a thing, may her soul rest in peace and my deepest condolences to the Makau family, God will be with u all the way and throughout the case, akasoze anilibale, nisemkhulekweni wam.

  2. As a people we must never ever allow injustice to intimidate us. Wrong can never win and should never win over right.

    I do not care what your take is on this report, no child, no woman deserves to be killed in this way. Equally no Mother should bury a child killed for just BEING!

    Once again I am mad. I am mad. I am hurt.
    This killing of a young and ambitious black WOMAN happens during South Africa’s Women’s Month…you see why I refuse to celebrate Women’s Month?
    I ask again, what are we celebrating? How can we celebrate when many a woman is yet to realise freedom and emancipation?

    This is unnecessary and it makes me mad…but not defeated.

    • I so agree with you, being a woman is a very precious thing and being a lesbian is not by choice. We are also human beings and we have right to life as indicated in the constitution, / chapter 2 bill of rights. I pray to God that the perpetrator get a harsh sentencing so that it teaches others. We are all hurt and touched. May her precious soul rest in peace & condolences to all her beloved family and friends…

  3. HeJin Kim says:

    Reblogged this on University of Broken Glass and commented:
    Inkanyiso, a grassroots organisation started by Zanele Muholi, on the recent murder of Gift Disebo Makau…

  4. Rethabile says:

    Sme ppl are so cruel,Gift’s death really shocked me.I thought ko North West re ‘safe’ coz thz things dont usually happen.Nkare we are fighting th battle e sa feleng..May her soul rest in peace “Owen”

  5. Hate crime is un bearable its the big fear of every lgbti,its hard to live in a country that doesnt respect their bill of rights.im an activist and say lets rise above hate and brutality lets unite and fight against hate crime and descrimination.when will this end if we keep quet we will always be victims. May her soul guid as into fighting hate crime rest in peace dadewethu kumhlungu kodwa sizo walwele amalungelo wethu its time.our sensier condelencises to her great family who loved,supported and were proud of her.

  6. Lungile Hlatshwayo says:


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  9. My concern, how did the police find out about the suspect, did he turn himself in? What was the evidence that led to him? Like Dudu’s killer, was he loud and proud after that? Because if so, and I know it is wrong, however I would have liked for some mob justice. Community serves the best I know.

  10. Nthabiseng says:

    It is sad how it all happened *heart-broken*

  11. I hate wat happened in Ventersdorp,this young woman was having a brightness future but this heartless mongster sweped away that dream,enough is enough of raping nd killing of children nd women this must come to an END!!!

  12. Wonder Jason Kala Mpisane says:

    No Lesbian Deserves To Die Like A Dog Because Of Heartless Men Out There, Iam Still Hurting That She Can Die Like This,, My Condolences To The Makau Family And The LGBTI,, We Lost A Soldier… What A Waste! What A Hurt And What A Blow! Will Always Love You GIFT MAKAU. May Your Beautiful Soul Rest In Peace.

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  16. Junior Nkosi says:

    We live in fear, in our own country. Our own brothers, fathers and friends killing us, what is this world coming to?

  17. Dineo says:

    I fear for the lives of other lesbian girls, Ventersdorp is not the same anymore. i hope my friends can be safe, God bless my home town because it looks like evil is taking over.

  18. I have another word to say- I can’t stop typing I feel like I was there to help you guys to go with you on a court date. That man its a matter of must to stay inside a fenced yard for long, he destroyed future of many people as her mother was going to benefit on the child that she raised well and well studied, its a loss to all of us even the world lost because she was to bring a change.

  19. lesego kojang says:

    We the community of ventersdorp its about time to stand up and educate people about LGBTI because people in this area are full of hatred even if they play it nice without showing it…our sisters and brothers are now living in fear because of their sexuality aand that cannot be possible charity beginms at home our parents should teach their children not to do homorphobic attack because they will end up killing their own brother for what hatred this is unacceptable.Disebo’s death will never be forgetten in our township even though years will pass but it will still remain an unhealed wound into our hearts she was really a darling.

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