2014 Aug.9: My name is Woman


My name is woman…
My name is woman who loves women
I am created in the image of human
Seek I not in hell nor heaven for
I exist only in the midst
of the haves and the have nots
of the world…

To define me, love is the word
All I ever practice was to love and needed to be loved…
Not to abused, extorted, raped
Today, I lay on the bed drowning in my tears of extortion
What happened to concern of my liberation?
Today I lay in a hospital bed, my body aches from being abused…
What happened to allowing me to explain instead of being wrongfully accused?

Today I lay in a coffin, dead being raped
I could no longer tolerate
I have been raped for being a woman
I have been raped in ”correction” of loving another woman
I have been raped over and over again by so many men once at a time and many a time…
I have been killed and dumped in trash cans, toilets, dump sites, you name it…
I have been buried with no justice served,
a case trial that comes to no conclusion

My name is woman
I am created in the image of human
Do not even try
To diverge me mind
From the truth it seeks
For itself it speaks
The only war I know is to protect
My loved ones and those you neglect
Why do you feel the sudden urge to engage me in your violent war
I wish not to know nor practice

This skill I was not naturally given
How is your sin deserving to be forgiven?
Why deem it fit to prove your manhood upon me?
Don’t u trust and know your value without enforcing it on me?

My name is woman who loves women
I AM created in the image of human
I am capable of bearing children
as I am of loving my own caliber
My soft skin is not for your rough hands
My beautiful body is not for your sexual trends
My healthy heart is not for you to hate

My lady lover is not for you to bait
My heart and hands are to love her
My body and belly are to feel her
My face and feet are to stand for her
My mouth and mind are to save her
If you too were to
focus on she who loves thee

You would be able to embrace
The blessing in your embrace
This is dedicated To the women that carry us,
cry for us,
care for us,
depend on us
defend us,
die for us,
LOVE, PEACE & HAPPINESS where you are…
Stay beautiful, brave and blessed!!!

© Lebo Mashifane
Aug.9, 2014



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4 Responses to 2014 Aug.9: My name is Woman

  1. Sihle khanye says:

    Am a woman too!

  2. nompumelelo says:

    so touched,couldnt hold back my tears.

  3. Zuchero says:

    Its so touching

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