2014 Aug. 9: Celebrating Women

By Lerato Malibe-Ntlatlane

As we know that August is women’s month. We celebrate who we are as women; we celebrate the battles we have won. We celebrate the strength that God has given us, despite the pains. We celebrate women who fought against the apartheid system in this country, we celebrate our mothers, our sisters and our daughters.

This month as the LGBTI community, we celebrate women who stand fearlessly against injustice. We are celebrating women who are standing tall against homophobia. We are celebrating women who are saying enough is enough and will not hide who they are because of ignorant people.

This month I celebrate mothers who have accepted their gay children, who support and love them endlessly. This month I celebrate lesbian mothers, who against all judgement do not hide their children and raise them with love. This month I celebrate women.

This month I remember women who died in the hands of men who think they are God. I remember victims of hate crime, whose blood have been shared in the name of intolerance and hate. I celebrate all survivors of hate crime; many have been raped in the name of making them straight. Women who are standing tall and say despite all, we will not live a lie. I remember mothers who have buried their beloved children, children who were brutally murdered because of being gay.

I remember women who are hated, who are judged and mocked because they look like men. I celebrate women who have answered to natures call for their lives. I celebrate all our single parents, those who came out strong from being abused by people who once loved them. I celebrate women.

I celebrate women who have made it through the rough times, who broke through the pains, who put the pierces of their hearts together, who despite physical pain wiped their tears and marched on.

I remember those who coach us, who hold us by the hand when it gets tough, those who constantly remind us that the journey of life is not an easy road.

The world calls us by names, some say we are possessed, some same we are crazy, some say we are desperate – but no, we are true to how we have been created.

I may be mocked for marrying a woman, talked about for having a kid- yet I stand tall and many like me… I celebrate.


Author’s bio

Lerato Malibe-Ntlatlane is a freelancing columnist, a Performance Management Specialist and a Law student who aims to focus on human rights. She is the founder of Divine Image Ministry, a ministry that focuses of the spiritual growth specific all for gay people.
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