2014 Sept. 21: Sharing love and friendships at the 1st Mpumalanga Pride Photos – PART I

what we had for breakfast_8345

… what we had for breakfast before the march.

the crew_8350

nobody knew what we had before the march…


Christie Siba Lindeka_8353…our writer, Christie van Zyl, videographer Siba Nkumbi and photographer Lindeka Qampi before getting on it…


Siphiwe Vuvu Luh_8354L-R:  Siphiwe Mbatha, Vuvu Mtsweni and Luh Cele having breakfast




Sisters embrace… Lee Siba and Vuvu both from Daveyton





queer marchers1_8372



Police on guard_8374



queer marchers_8373


mpl pride banner1_8381









our activists_8466



Moi Joy & friends_8591















Moi Joy and friends_8585












sicka & friends_8632




divas at play_8614

Malibongwe Swane_8623



thwala & friend 2_8633



nqo shaz luh_8637




bafana & friends_8641




men as friends_8648


MoiJoy with friends_8663










Lovely friend_8672




Njabulo & friend_8675

















gay men kiss_5501



oh love_5934

… to be continued.




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4 Responses to 2014 Sept. 21: Sharing love and friendships at the 1st Mpumalanga Pride Photos – PART I

  1. vinolia says:

    wow! People are so beautifull and i love the quality of yo pictures ,, one day i’ll attend the pride .

    Keep up the good work

  2. MJ says:

    Nice picture,I’ll certainly wait for the continuation…

  3. We are eternally grateful for the beautiful photographic documentation

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