2014 Oct. 27: Untitled

Staring at a blank page
Thinking of scenarios to fill it
This life is too bitter for words
Too real for smiles
Words seems too simple to describe the soul within
Withdrawn, weird and strange.

If only this pen could unwrap all the layers of fat in my body
and reveal my broken skeleton.

If these words could unveil my naked brain.
All these weapons tearing me up inside: Caught them by my ears.

Cutting my soul  into million pieces,
Dimming the light within.

Taking away from crowds
Shutting all that operates this heart.

If only  this pen was connected to my heart,
So it’s ink could write the pen
That is hidden
by this imperfect smile!


© Sesi Mbele

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1 Response to 2014 Oct. 27: Untitled

  1. Very deep. You have some talent. Keep up the good work.

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