2014 Dec. 7: Queen of Bhozi – eVosloorus

Everyone and everything has a nickname in this town and that’s how we roll
Umagriza means granny
Awuti means man

We have many signs that we use to greet or call someone
tjovitjo….awe…zithini lapho
It might be a whistle, a hand shake and or rhyme
This is our way of showing respect for one another
It’s how we represent iBhozi kasi lam’ kasi

To you my lady I say queen of London
To you dark woman, I say dindi, Seshi, thambo lenyoka wena skillen bone
Inyama emnandi esethanjeni

To you skinny woman I say, slenda never gets tired – gets tired by mistake
You are a grown up woman now regardless of your height yes woman you are tall
When I call you in the street you turn around and hold your hip
Opening wide your feet to balance your body
Blaze of fire keeping your face glowing
I will just say keep your head up high

Your black hair covers your brown skin to give it a dark shade here and there
Your eyes completes the model in you and your legs shining out of a natural fat
Should I talk about the way you move or what you move inside me when I look at you?
Queen of Bhozi eVosloorus

In your eyes I see a humble, wise and down to earth woman
I know you will make us proud and yourself happy
Do what you do best, move like a snake
Take that crown because it belongs to you
Live your mark everywhere you go
Queen of Bhozi eVosloorus.

© Vania Cruz Maoze

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