2015 Mar.3: A Letter to my Mother

by Sicka ‘Shaz’ Mthunzi

Imbokodo is what she is, a mother that I love and respect more than anything in the world.

She has the strength of 10 men and a heart full of life and love. She is my mother, my pillar of strength, my best friend and my sense of direction. Words cannot describe the list of everything that she is, what I know is that she is my everything.‬

‪Mama this is a thank you letter from me to you.
A token of my appreciation just to thank you for everything you have done for me.
Many didn’t get this chance to thank their mothers.


Shaz 'Sicka' Mthunzi & her mother...

Shaz ‘Sicka’ Mthunzi & her mother…

You carried me for 9 months and screamed during birth but you never threw me in the street. You raised us with love and tender care, even with no food and shelter, you sacrificed your skin and protected us from rains and high temperatures.

I still bear emotional scars inside me from seeing my father hit you in front of us, you still stood up with pride and protected us from the monster he became. You raised us single handed with out the help of a man in your life. I bow to you and say “Uyimbokodo”.

At the age of 16 things changed for the worst with no father and me getting sick my family disappeared as if they we not there. Stress clouded your well being, when you watched sicknesses take over my body. I was told I have a calling, a calling in which will haunt me until I leave this earth and bring suffering in my home.

I suffered various chronic diseases very torturing and tormenting in my soul and body. I remember crying each and everyday asking myself what I did to deserve such misery and heartache.
You were still there when friends became strangers, family became critics.

I used to see things which no one could see, I used to do things not any ordinary person can. Things changed in a blink of an eye. Although you didn’t understand, you still stood beside me all the time.‬

‪I sat down and took a huge decision that involves saving my family from poverty. My greatest fear was when my ancestors said they would take my intelligence since I use it a lot. I told you about the decision I had taken, and also went and told my father’s family but they ignored me.

Mom you helped me through the process with the help of my late uncle, whom I still miss and know you do all the time. When I told you about my sexuality you didn’t disown me. Instead you hugged me and told me you support me all the way, the LGBTI community and the world needs women like you.

You are always there when I need you, even when I have made you angry you are still there for me. I love you mom, as much as I don’t have anything to give you now, I promise that through my hard work, I will give you the best gift a child can ever give a parent.‬


Shaz 'Sicka' Mthunzi  & her mother II

Shaz ‘Sicka’ Mthunzi & her mother II

A little poem to you mom‬
‪She has a success formula
Her endeavors are limitless
She is tops in the art of friendship
She has an endearing smile
She is able to use her intellect wisely
Her laughter is contagious
She has the qualities of a pearl
She’s been known to show who’s the boss
Prefers the path less traveled by lots of love,
I love you mom.‬


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3 Responses to 2015 Mar.3: A Letter to my Mother

  1. elithevillager says:

    Very beautiful and well written!

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