2015 June 7: For I love a Femme woman

I love and adore your femininity
Take me I’m yours for Eternity
The way you seduce me, the Intensity
The way you sway those hips and rock those heels,
the sexiness in it
A love I can’t avoid its inevitable
My beautiful woman
I’m in love with your Identity
A love so pure with integrity
You make me happy is this real Reality?
I’m crazy about you

Does this love need security?
The way it’s so precious and fragile
I put it under Indemnity
The way you love me like there was no one before me,
the simplicity of being young,
strong and understanding means Maturity
Your presence is so warm and affectionate with no Impossibilities
No one will ever understand our lingual
Girl, I’m taken by your Personality
Me and you against the world through Infinity
I will always treasure your Originality
As it’s on the same level as Impurity…
My femme woman you are wonderful
beyond measure and
being a lesbian butch woman.
I will always look up to you.


Inspired by all the wonderful women surrounding me and those who still show me love…


© Nosiphiwo Kulati


About the author Nosiphiwo Kulati

I was born and bred in Cape Town. I’m the last born to my mother and recently found my father’s family.

I’m the 3rd born to him but sadly, I never had the chance to meet him since he passed on in 2007.
I’m 25 years of age and I’m a proud lesbian woman. I matriculated in 2007 but never went further with my studies.
I’m planning to go back to school next year and make something of myself because I believe education is key especially under the obstacles we go through.
I love cooking, writing anything that I feel or think at that moment in time, I also love reading and traveling is my first love. I fear God and I thank Him every day for giving me life and I believe He will set me free and grant me the peace I need.
I live with my brother and my mother who is battling with her health but she’s a strong woman she will succeed.
I’m a Telemarketer, I make sales as my job and surprisingly I’m doing well and it’s my 1st time doing them. I like challenging myself as it lead me to greater heights. I sell insurance on a day to day basis and I enjoy doing it but call centre is not my life but I’ll hold on till I make it on the course I want to study.


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