2015 Aug. 28: I have always wanted to enter a pageant

My name is Malolo Mofokeng also known as Eva. I am a 26 years old drag queen and come from Petrus Steyn in the Free State. I started my schooling in 1996 at Thiboloha School for the Deaf and Blind in QwaQwa. At the age of 9, I realised that I am different to the other boys at school because I liked playing netball with the girls.


2015 Aug. 14 Eva II Pretty


I didn’t know what gay meant. Many who didn’t understand teased me and told me that I am a girl. I was fortunate to be accepted by my teachers and principal who were always kind to me.  One day I decided to put braids in my hair to my mother’s dismay. She got very angry. I then explained to her that I am not like the other boys. That gave her the chance to slowly start accepting me for who I am. Today my family embraces the person I am. They know that I am the one who helps out in the kitchen and does chores in and around the house where needs be.

My mother’s name is Bettie. She works as a domestic helper. My father, William, passed away in 2006. In 2007 I left school to look after my younger brother and to help my mother who was unemployed at that time. In 2012 I moved to Johannesburg. My Deaf friend, Elizabeth took me to eDeaf in Braamfontein where I had the opportunity to study English communication level 1 – 4. I completed my level 4 last year in June and in August I enrolled in an IT computer learnership, which I will complete in July.


2015 Aug. 23 Eva s portrait


In 2013 I read in the Star newspaper about Miss Gay Jozi. All my life I have always wanted to enter a pageant. After reading about it, I entered Miss Gay Vaal and so my journey began. In November that same year, I entered Miss Gay Soweto and made it through to the top 2.

Entering Miss Simply Blue this year, I made it to the top 7 and entered the finals of Miss Gay Jozi, and was crowned the first princess. I have since become a role model in the Deaf gay community. One of my biggest fears that I had to overcome was the fear of being judged by others. I overcame my fear of stage fright and kept a positive attitude.

I believe that the Deaf gay community needs to be supported and given the platform to show to the rest of society that being Deaf and Gay is nothing to be ashamed of.


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