2016 Jan. 14: Disowning parents

by Mandisa “Thozie” Mathe

Nobody belongs to any other person in this life. We only have connections with each other, either you are connected to me because we’re family, friends, partners or enemies that’s if there is anything like an enemy. Life for homosexual people has been hard and still is. The hardships come when one has to compromise his or her being and be what the other person wants them to be. Parents can only have dreams about their kids but parents must be aware that they are bringing lives to earth. Meaning they are bringing souls that are here to manifest, experiment themselves and bring about change if there is anything like that. It shocks me when a parent is so much hateful towards her or his homosexual child. But why Lord?
Why would one do such a thing?

Parents must know that there is no need for them to approve their gay kids, nor a need to disapprove them. Nobody can or must choose whom you should love and no one has a right to decide who you must sleep with.

I don’t understand why parents are chasing their kids away. If one has the ability to choose which sickness you must have then they can choose your sexuality, if one can feel your pain then they can choose your sexuality. If you are not me then stay right there and embrace my presence with love.

It is so painful to even think of homosexuals that committed suicide just because they wanted to be accepted or be approved. There is really nothing to be approved here because all human beings have a right to LOVE and LOVE wins. You cannot convince a person to make love with someone they do not love.

2015 Jan. 2: Families at Durban South Beach...

2015 Jan. 2: Families at Durban South Beach…

If we can try to unpack reasons why some people don’t like homosexuals we would be wasting time. How can a loving parent chase away a child that she carried for 9 months because of the fact that she is a lesbian. Reversible we can conclude that when we are told that these are the final days we mean people have turned to be animals, we mean there is no humanity in us. Families shall part sisters will kill each other simply because we are fighting over the fact that you are not sleeping with a man. You do not want a penis to penetrate you! Simply because you are happy with another women in your life, then that would make some people turn to be animals, people would want to kill you.

Fact is love wins over everything. You can only have hopes for your kids but you can never have dreams for them, they are the only people to manage their dreams. Sometimes we even prefer to talk to “strangers” about our problems. Are we not supposed to talk to family members first?

The other issue is the dress code

What is it exactly that defines a female? Is it clothes? Are you female enough underneath a dress?  Are you man enough under shirts and baggy pants?
No! Does your breast make you a woman? Does having a penis make you a man enough?
No! You may have a penis but it might not be functioning well. You may have breast but as time goes on they might have cancer and they have to be cut does that mean you are not a women now?
Nothing in your body defines you. Your dress code does not tell who you should be in love with, and a vagina or penis does not determine who you should marry!

Under formal pants we still find man who are killers and fathers who rape their own daughters, underneath nice skirts we still find “women” who abort kids and who abuse their kids. What then makes a female a woman? What in life determines who a woman should be in love with?

A dress code and your anatomy cannot determine LOVE for you. It is time we let people be what they want to be, love who they want to love. Sleeping with a man or not sleeping with a man does not make you less of a woman or more of a woman. The fact that I was born female does not mean I need a penis to be more like a woman or to be accepted by the community. To be disowned by parents just because you will not allow a penis to your vagina does not mean you are less of a woman. Gone are the days when one would be loved because of who or what they are. The days of unconditional love vanished too soon. Homosexuality is not from towns neither from rural areas. If God is love, then love is unconditional meaning God loves you as you are.


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