2016 May 31: When I make love to you

by Shirley Ndaba

I want to crawl inside your mind and make your imagination run wild, I want to lay you down, connect to your body, listen and understand it’s language. I want to reach to the depth of your heart and mind to find your pleasures, I want to listen your body as it begs for my kisses and touches, allowing it to lead the way while I follow because my aim to please. I want your mindset to remain in one sensual place as I kiss your your velvet skin and inhale your naturally given soft smell. Gently connect my soft lips to it, kissing it softly. I want to softly moan in your ear and tell you how sexy you look, and how soft your skin feels.

I want to your body’s complete trust, feel it loosen up and relax to my erotic compliments from ear to ear allowing it to get comfortable and fully trust my every being, as it feels my body naked body on it while intensely arouse it with my soft kisses and touches and feel it respond to my every touch, my every move and every soft kiss down to your neck, while my hand gently eases up your thighs and kissing you down to your lovely breast and caress your nipple with my wet tongue and gently sucking to it.

I want to kiss you down to your beautiful shaved cunt and slowly shove my tongue inside to taste your wetness and salty liquid as I listen to your sweet moans and stimulate your clit with my hardened tongue and gently sucking on it. I want to hear you say my name so loud, I want you tell me you do feel me. I want to hear your loud moans as I gently caress your beautiful punani with my soft fingers and and gently stimulate your clit with my one finger and listen to your soft moans and how sexy you say my name, gently shove my fingers inside towards the inner wall of your cunt to stimulate your G.

I want to stimulate and softly whisper in your ear how warm and tight your insides feel. I want to hear your software screams and listen to you telling me how much you love me, telling me I am your one in a million. I want to make you roar out my name as you reach a powerful orgasm and always remember how much I love you and then let you have me and my body all to yourself.

That’s how I want to make love to you.


Previous by Shirley

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