2016 Oct. 11: When you fail I fail too…

You are a blessing to me since the day I conceived
Since the day I open my two legs to catch you
So you might not fall down or get cold
You Stretch my belly to make yourself a ground to play on
Kicked me to remind me…
When time comes I will stand on my own

Today you say mom I reap what I sow
And it was not easy…
True that honey,
Good and beautiful things are not easy to get

I watch you off to school today
I called you every second of every Minute…
You said, ‘mom my feet are cold…’
I know what you mean
Its been a while since I had that

While you out there am here preparing myself for two things
How we are going to celebrate?
Kiss and weep your tears while you wipe mine…
In life we learn how we fail not to fail again
Be courageous baby it’s not the end of the World

 When you fail I fail too…
Together we fail remember we are a team
Today you are in Grade 8 going to Grade 9 as per your result
As per your hard work …
As per your sleepless night

Today you remind me of that kick…
That little chat we use to have
The walk we had together to keep the bond strong tight
That kiss we shared
I love you

When you fail I fail too

 Dedicated to Lebohang Leew

© Vania Maoze

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