2019 July 14: The man behind Somnyama the song- DJ Kabila

by Wakhe Sebenza

His love for the deejay box dates back to the late 1990s. He has an undisputed gift of knowing how to keep a capacious, jam-packed dance floor rocking the entire night. His love for music remains untainted even after a car accident that left him wheelchair bound in September 1999. It was exactly two months after his accident that he started exploring his talent with beats, Real name Siyanda Makanya he goes by the name DJ Kabila. His name appears on some of the biggest projects, like Blackcoffee Ibiza 17 Appreciation mix, we see it on house afrika sessions 8, We spoke to him about his journey to music and his new hit single Somnyama with Wendy Soni on the Vocals.

He also speaks about being part of Somnyama Ngonyama interpreted by 25 KwaZulu-Natal visual artists, Ikhono LaseNatali Exhibition, of cause in his own artistry, He has a new song Titled Somnyama. Enjoy the conversation on the link below

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