A Conversation with Wendy Khumalo on Rugby Coaching and Photography

by Wakhe Sebenza

Like the rainbow flag, we are bold, lively and colourful, it’s Pride month – a global initiative celebrating diversity, inclusion and acceptance to raise awareness of LGBT+ rights. We are speaking to some of the Extraordinaires within the LGBTIA+ community. We spoke to Wendy Khumalo, she is a former Springbok Women’s rugby player, currently a rugby coach and also a Photographer, let’s get to know her and the work that she does.

It is true when they say it takes a village to raise a child, with the work that Wendy does, coaching the younger generation rugby, the love and support she gives the children. She is also a photographer, one of the careers that maybe overlooked as a career, Wendy’s message to a student who might be in matric and they are about to make that choice? They want to be photographers, surrounded by people who don’t understand their career choices, could be the classmates, the class teacher or the family and now they have doubts because they are surrounded by a lot of negativity towards their career choice;

I believe that whatever you want, if you want it bad enough, you will do it, you will move mountains to achieve what you want to achieve… Sometimes you do need to make mistakes on your own terms, because when you do make the make mistakes yourself no other person  telling you that you should do A,B,C and D, when you make the mistake yourself you learn from that mistake and you grow from it.

For more wisdom from Wendy, Click on the link Below:

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