2019 Aug. 14: Our Black Lion

Greatness is not bought or shared
You are born with it, it’s your God given gift while in your mother’s womb
Greatness is not made or sowed
It is your rightful inheritance from your ancestors that no one can ever take away

You stand head and shoulders above the rest, yet you remain humble and in touch with the soil that groomed you
You stand tall like a lighthouse, your light shining far and wide, blessing everyone that it illuminates

Your artistry can never be emulated, you are a picture perfect of firsts that will never have a last. You can only be imitated, never replicated

Like a lion only a few can compete with you, the only lion whose roars are heard from across the vast oceans, the only lion to climb mountains only dared to by others

Only you dared to prance where others feared; and conquered. The head of the herd, the leader of the pack

Our very own black lion,
Somnyama Ngonyama

Mantsha Khuzwayo is a Durban based emerging writer. A series of unfortunate events led to this new found passion. She is shy yet a great conversationalist, with a great sense of humour and a zest for life. She has written 2 books (self-published) a novel “Chronicles of a Single Lesbian” and a poetry book “The Different Faces of My Life: My Anthology”.

To further hone, master and mould her writing skills she accepted the title of Editor for the online magazine UniqMagazineSA. The magazine had awarded her a recognition for great impact in the LGBTIQ+ community award in 2017. An award she holds close to her heart as it’s her first from the community and for her writing.

In April of 2019 she was invited to the European Lesbian* Conference, held in Kiev, Ukraine. She was part of the creatives’ panel where she got to share her experiences as a lesbian writer in South Africa. She has performed and have been in invited to various stages in South Africa. When she describes her writing to people she says she is a writer that writes for people to relate, for people to find solace, she writes for people to know they are not alone and she writes for life.

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