The other me

by Maureen Velile Majola

Sometimes tears are frozen and unknown to me

Sometimes fear is all my heart feels yet it’s all I don’t need in me

Sometimes I lay awake at night when my mind is wide awake

Sometimes nothing seems to work out but giving up is never on my mind

Sometimes life seems to be over yet I’m still alive and kicking

Sometimes all seems to move too fast when I’m walking too slow

Sometimes time is on my side but I’m not moving with it

At times I find myself in darkness yet my soul is in the light but the light is unseen

At times I find myself in unknown places because I walk and listen to unusual voices

At times I find me in her but she won’t let us be happy like that

At times I see her instead of me because she clever and faster than me

She walks with me everywhere I go and she lives in me because she is me

She talks to me when no one is around because she understand me or maybe I think she does

She’s a part of me and I’m a part of her, she is on the left when I am on the right

She invades my space but I can’t kick her out because that would break me

She pushes me around because I let her do it

I’m talking about the inner me, the fearful me, the unhappy me, the jealous me, the angry me and the uneasy me

I’m talking about the woman you all don’t know exist but she does

I’m talking about the other me that lives at night hence I don’t sleep

I’m talking about the I, I see in the mirror, the I sleep with, the me I hold when no one is around

I’m talking about the person that lives in me who is me but a different me

I’m talking about the unseen me that’s known by me myself and I

She lives in ME because she is ME

(c) 2013

About the author: She is a young feminist writer.
Majola has volunteered for many organisations, to count a few,
1 in 9; Forum for the Empowerment (FEW); ADAPT…
In 2012 won the LGBTI Recognition award for her poetry.

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9 Responses to The other me

  1. Charmain Carrol says:

    This is beautiful…..

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  9. Ramazan Ngobese says:

    Owesome keep on writing course you always touch me. Yes me n my heart you GOOD

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