2012 March 20: There’s a strawberry garden between your legs

Man drools over it like he can see it

He has visuals of it in his head

There’s something between your legs

That makes him believe he can have that beautiful strawberry

You’ve nurtured it so well and kept it clean and fresh

Boy promised to take the garden and own it

He promised not to enter it before his rightfully allowed to do so

His mouth waters at the thought of your strawberry garden

He wants to have before anyone else does

He thinks it’s rightfully his

As he has seen you through all these years

Your beautiful strawberry garden

There’s something between your legs

Something that makes him drool over you

It makes him wish he could have you right there and then

Man decides to pick the only strawberry in your garden

He eats it all and leaves nothing for you to give to the boy who promised to marry you

All your future plans are ruined in just a minute in your precious garden

Man took away your pride

He took the only chance you had to a better life

Now boy will not marry you?

Because there’s no strawberry left for him to pick

You sit there and wonder

Why would your father do this to you

His a MAN

Like most man

He only wanted to have your precious strawberry and didn’t care about your feelings

He took it al like he owned it

Now your chances of a better life are over

Boy will not take a garden with no strawberry

by Maureen Velile Majola
© 20/03/2013


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12 Responses to 2012 March 20: There’s a strawberry garden between your legs

  1. Hontse says:

    Love dis can’t stop reading it its true and the only truth..

  2. nunu says:

    it is because of my strawberry now lost my pride dzamn. Big up Mau my friend

  3. maybe you should improve your articles, that would help us understand better. lista de email lista de email lista de email lista de email lista de email

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