2012 December 27: on 2012 LGBTI Recognition awards

A personal reflection
by Maureen Velile Majola

It was a hot summer day in October 2012 when I received the news that I was nominated to compete for Best Poet of the year.

Velile could not hold her excitement... Photo by Zanele Muholi

Velile could not hold her excitement…
Photo by Zanele Muholi

I was excited and anxious at the same time, didn’t know what to make of it. While I was at that hype I saw my name pop up in another category. Community builder of the year, now this one excited me even more. It made me realized that my efforts were noticed and people appreciated the things I was doing.

One evening I was scrolling down the group and came across a post that said Special recognition award and my name was amongst great activists that I look up too.
My heart was filled with so much joy I went and shared the news with my mama, she was as excited as I was.
She is a proud mother who supports me in everything I do. I couldn’t wait for the big day to come, the day I was going to receive my Special Recognition award.

The 22nd of December 2012 came and the reality stroke me, ‘the day was finally here.’

My special day started with a killer interview and awesome photos by the great photographer, Zanele Muholi, who won the Best Photographer of the Year at the same awards.


Velile, As I Am (2012).
Photo by Zanele Muholi

We traveled from Heidelburg to Soweto Theatre where the awards were held. Excitement took over. I felt my heart beating so fast I thought I’d faint while receiving my award.

I stepped to the stage and started doing my thing. Seeing all the LGBTI attendees present, smartly dressed with excitement on their faces made me realize how serious the awards were.

Now let me talk about the logistics of the awards. As one of the nominees I have to say I found the voting a little problematic because we were voting on social networks and no one really knows what system was used to determine who wins or not.

Mind you, I was never informed in advance by the organizers of the event that I was nominated for any category.
No transport was arranged to ensure that I was present on the day of the event. I had to find out from people who were part of the 2012 LGBTI Recognition awards group and that would have meant I wouldn’t had known about the nomination if I wasn’t on facebook.

Therefore I think there should be other ways to communicate besides social networks because not everyone subscribes to social networks.

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To find out more about 2012 LGBTI Recognition awards, go to:

Extracted from Nob Ody facebook page

The winners are as follows:

Community Builder – Flamboyant TUT

Best Event Organiser – FOC

Social Butterfly – Buxi van Rooien

Best Dancer – Nols Skater

Best Poet – Phophoskie Maqalika

Best Sports Player – Portia Modise

Role Model – Mpho Nefuri

Best Married Couple – Pantsu and Kedibone Matjokane

Best Personality – Kayra Karabo Kau

Best Comedian – Khanyisa Bunu

Best Dresser – Leboo Phume Leptie

Hottest Lesbian – NTK Cheezlez Kolman

Hottest Gay – Nhlanhla Mnembe

LGBTI Top Model – Kedibone Motloutsi

Best Dj – Dj Puggy

LGBTI Activists – Craig Matu

Calvin Boleu Nkoana

Maureen Majola

Deekay Sibanda

Viriginia Setshedi

Bridget Makhonza

Best Photographer – Zanele Muholi

Long Service Achievement Award – Amstel Maboa

LGBTI Supporter – Ntsiki Mazwai

Best Fine Artist – Nols Skater



Please note that photos from the awards will be posted here!!!

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16 Responses to 2012 December 27: on 2012 LGBTI Recognition awards

  1. Happy Masuku says:

    I came with 4 friends from Mpumalanga,we thought we managed to have transport and accommodation organized for us but to our surprise we found ourselves wandering in the streets of Soweto in the wee hours of the morning,if it wasn’t for Mpho Nefuri and my cousins friend we probably would have made south Africa rape or murder statistics,even worse we could have suffered both things

    • Sma wa kamo says:

      Congrats guys I hope this year u also try 2 reach out 2 those who are not in social network…#Nob u did well

      To the best woman ever she never 4 once bhaved like she knows better than any1 in the world #thou she is well educated, yes I did vote 4 her she does deserve the award Mpho Nefuri! U are simply Amazing ❤

  2. MacDyke says:

    Congratz dear,I ddnt even know you were nominated I’d have voted too,I’m glad you got it though

  3. mpho says:

    I am sure this year we will have a great well organised event. My apologies to those who wondered around in despair. Maybe I need to be in the organising commitee

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  5. Hontse says:

    Best lesbian

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    comments so far……. 2baba has to play on this
    song n

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