2013 March 14: Please don’t…

You almost met my dark side that night

That night you pushed me to the edge of the mountain

I told you to stop pushing

Or I’ll do something bad to you

You’ve never met my dark evil side

I don’t want us to travel down that path

It’s not safe for you

Please don’t put me in that dark cloud that blinds me

I don’t want to hurt you or do anything bad to you

I’m trying not to say anything

But how will I not react when all you do is push me to an unconscious state

A state I can never come back from

A place where I do all things bad and not remember a thing

Please stop pushing me to the edge

I only want you to have a happy memory of me, of us

Stop pushing or I’ll start hitting

Over and over again till the room is filled with silence
and the smell of your blood.

I’ll swim in the pool of blood we’ve created.

I’ll taste your blood and tell you how it feels to have it in my mouth.

Please stop pushing me over the edge

I don’t want to beat you up

I’m trying not to bruise you

Don’t make me hurt you

Please stop

Stop making me hurt you

You making me beat you up so bad

I want you to understand,

understand that you make me do these things

I never wanted you to see the dark side of me

But you asking for it

I’ll give it to you

I’ll show you my dark side

The dark side I hardly remember after revealing it

I told you please don’t make me do this to

Everyone will blame me

Everyone will say I’m the wrong one

No one will believe me when I tell them
I asked you not to push me

Push me over the edge
© 14/03/2013

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