2013 Feb. 16: My own perfect

by Ntsiki Cassandra Dlamini on Friday, 14 May 2010 at 10:53 ·

I may not be Picture Perfect
but I’ve been given the greatest gifts of life.
My beauty may not be what the media expects,
but I am my own beauty.
I may not have the body of a model,
but I have a body to thank GOD for.
I may not have the perfect teeth or a million dollar smile,
but I have a warm smile.
I may have a twist in my hair,
but I have hair that can tell my kind, which is my own kind.
I may not seen intelligent, but don’t be fooled, what makes my own perfect?
It is the fact that
I have a face that can tell a story and doesn’t need the media’s approval.
I have a body that can move to that beat of life.
I have teeth that allow me a perfect smile.
I have hair that blows to the energy of life.
I am intelligent because I can tell right from wrong,
and a big thanks for my kindness and talents.
Without my perfect gift GOD!
I wouldn’t be MY OWN PERFECT!!!

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2 Responses to 2013 Feb. 16: My own perfect

  1. Sbu says:

    Tooooooooo sweet! I love I love!

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