2013 Feb. 27: Melody

by Sebenzile
© 2012

All I wanted was to know her name,

Know her dreams and erase her shame.

Love her mess, and help craft her joy,

Kiss her hand, and be with her even when I am alone.

I know she loves deeply,

Why wouldn’t love find a home in such a gentle being?

I know she sings freely,

A voice of reason and a friend in the quest for meaning

I wish she knew my name,

Knew how much I long to tell her how breathtaking her smile is,

Knew the colours of my space,

That I imagine her laughter resting on the walls of my heart, not just those of my memory,

That she knew my arms,

Knew that I would gently squeeze away her fears and caress her till she feels a like queen again,

Knew my lips,

Soft, ready to land gently on her forehead, on her neck and on the space where her heart rests

I wish I could tell her how I feel,

Find the courage to stare into her eyes, and dare her to take a chance on me,

Run my fingers through her locks and draw her close to me,

Make her forget I am young and show her ageless adornment,

Whisper silly secrets in her ear,

Take her on a journey that starts with my hand running down the arch of her back,

And ends with drips of sweat on her skin,

And endless tales on both our lips,

Too precious to speak of, too heavenly for words,

So we wrap it in a song, a sweet endless melody, like she.


About the author
“Sebenzile is a feminist, a writer and poet from Johannesburg with an interest in the arts, literature, issues of gender (men and women) and education. She is an avid reader and an academic, and is in the process of launching an online talk show with 3 other women. She plays provincial cricket and has plans to launch into sports development for women in the future.
And more importantly, a woman loving woman”


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2 Responses to 2013 Feb. 27: Melody

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