2013 April 13: Umtshato wesini esinye!

Umtshato wesini esinye;

libhongo, ligugu kubatu bawo;

Luyolo kubabulali bafumana ukuphumla;

Luzuko kwabawuzondayo;

Unzima kubanikazi bawo;

Ungwalisekile ziintsikelelo zikaThixo;

Uzele kukuqonda nokuqondana;

Ngumtshato nje onguwo;

Kodwa ukubulawa nohlaselo kukutya kubo!

Thixo kwasemandulo wawuseka;

Wathi makubekho ukuthandana

Kukholoswe ngoYehova!

Amasiko nezithethe ibe ngu ndoqo ekukhuliseni usapho!

Unenjongo njengayo yonke imitshato!


© 2013


A brief description about the poem supplied by the author.
The poem is basically my first sonnet that I tended to edit it and try to write in simple Xhosa.

It means that homosexual marriage is a blessing just like any other marriage but according to me it is more than a blessing because people are who they are! As I always say if there was sin it would be living up to people’s decisions! So I say in the poem it is a good marriage (if something is too good people will not appreciate it until it dies and there after be made a saint) so in our marriage we are killed very often by people who come in the name of appreciation and therefore become idlozi lokuqala (first ancestor) after death for we die pure!

About the author

I am a former UKZN Westville campus student and currently in Walter Sisulu University. Currently doing B.Ed in Arts and Culture specialising in IsiXhosa and Music, a poet and a novelist.

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  2. temba says:

    Hands up for your work guys Sisonke.

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