2013 April 2: Visuals from VMCI 2013 Easter weekend

camp jonathan_8012

intsika ne dwala_7886

happy & cc_7971

phumla & sthombe_7849


mfundo & gumede_7993


babuGumede & Zodwa_7900
mbali & wife_7957

sigqoko & son_7845


mkhize & nowakwakhe_7968

mr & mrs ndlela_7835

phumla & nqobile_7982

puff daddy & wife_7861

by Charmain Carrol & Nqobile Zungu

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2013 April 2: Do good even when faced with difficulties


Victory Ministries Church International (VMCI)

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5 Responses to 2013 April 2: Visuals from VMCI 2013 Easter weekend

  1. sebenzile nkosi says:

    Amazing work,especially loving the last couple

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  3. Mrs Gumede says:

    Wooooh guys nihamba nodwa… I just love the art and the color around which highlights the atmosphere… Tops!!!

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  5. khaya says:

    Do u guys only go there on Easter or there is anther occasion because i will love to go some day

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