2013 May 15: A bit of homophobia

Hide from our people

I do not know how it happened

I do not remember how it happened

I did not plan for it to happen

Till today I do not know how it still happens

I looked all over the world,

I thought I was all alone;

I thought it was shame;

I thought I had to hide;

I thought I do not deserve to live

Therefore I had to hide!

Be in disguise for my own family;

Be in disguise for my brothers and sisters;

Be in disguise for freedom and nation;

Be in disguise for friends and foes;

Be in disguise for myself and reality!

Because I didn’t know what happened.

Had to hide from man and their desires;

Had to hide from people and their words;

Had to hide from murders;

Had to hide from rapists;

Had to hide from church and condemnation;

Had to hide from priests and nuns for my unacceptable alien being

Had to hide from my society and its cultural rules;

Because a homosexual is unacceptable.

when more than 600 rules are ignored in the bible;

When all other sins are ignored in the bible;

When 10 commandments are ignored in the bible;

When 1(love one another) commandment seem to fail,

All that fellow Christians keep in mind is 8 verses which they use to condemn homosexuality…

It all started 1869 or 1946 when a translator, translated Greek to English.

until today I die

I die over hearing news of killing homosexuals

I die over great disgrace of families dis-owning their own kids;

I die over hearing increasing numbers of raped lesbians

I die over hearing names that are given to lesbians

I die over news of churches kicking homosexuals out

I die over friends turning back their friendship on their homosexual friends

I die over discrimination against homosexual people;

I die over daily judgmental statements

I die over disgusting teachings from parental guidance which clearly says
“homosexuality is unacceptable in my house or rather I hate those”

Then tell me who produces rapists and murderer, haters and sexist…

It stains in my heart to think of anyone forcing a lesbian

sleep with a man

To get a ‘boyfriend’

To be married to a man

To change her sexuality

To call her by names

To get out of the house because she merely does not belong there

For they believe “God MADE Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”

But they fail to believe homosexuals are “BORN” not MADE

My soul goes to those who have slept struggling for their rights,

You are heroes of this world and reality

May your souls rest in peace,

Upon on earth we stay wondering “who is next to be murdered, raped, disowned, stabbed?”

We wonder around knowing “I might be next” yet we still live as we were born because it is the way we are

We still hold on to reality and dare to pursue our careers and live our dreams in a manner of being “next” to the culprits.

I solemnly do not think anyone knows who God is because our church and murders, traditional leaders and healers, rapists and pastors have created a mutual God who is judging, condemning and eventually would burn us in fires of hell!

Should that be the God we have then I am an atheist…

I know nothing about God.

No evidence has shown change and spiritual revolution, spell revolution backwards and if you find LOVE know that’s what you have to have daily in your life.

Faith, love and peace.

by T.Mathe
© 2013

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