2013 April 11: Your kiss. Our touch. My Muse

by Christie FossilSoul 

You remember the times when I would

Kiss your neck and suck your nipples until you can’t breathe…

I like taking my time tracing the contours of your body with my lips…

REWIND, wait, wait, wait…

I love it when you are undressing me with your eyes

When your lips touching my lips string together an orchestra

For the symphony about to take place…

And when the music begins

Its sensations are more intense
than I could have ever imagined.

I find my poetry in perception,

Words unspoken of the thoughts riddling your mind

That I would never come to know,

Were they not deciphered

By the music we compose when we make love.

I find the words of your thoughts

Traced along your fingertips

As you softly caress my sense-heightened skin as if to say

‘If you grasp nothing else of all of my affection to you,

please be assured of the absolute truth in my adoration of you

When I touch you…

When you touch me, when you touch me…

You touch me, leading me to the emotions of your thoughts,

Do you remember that?

The thoughts of how much you want to say without saying it

But rather just being it.

One day I’ll sing for you while we’re making love

When we’re high on each other and you’re deep inside me

As we move to the rhythm of my heart meeting your beat

Our heart beats

Fingers locked

Our bodies slippery, all over each other lubbed by the heat of our passion

Ah babe, yea speak beauty indeed to me

Coz words can never be enough for the language of beauty

Heart to heart, let’s just speak the language of beauty

For words have become insufficient

Sex, fucking, loving, licking,

talking, reciting, eating;

Kissing, sucking, caressing,

moaning, breathing deeeppp, Gasping for air,

You, Me, wine, strawberries, bed, music,


My poetry moves mountains within even me

since we met

Please never cease to be my MUSE!

© 11/04/2013


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11 Responses to 2013 April 11: Your kiss. Our touch. My Muse

  1. Sydney says:

    This is so beautiful twin! I wanna be your muse!

  2. phindle says:

    Wow! Now these is breath taking poetry. *speechless*

  3. phindle says:

    *This… Sorry typo

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  6. vps hosting says:

    A fascinating read, keep it up

  7. Lynn says:

    Wonderful indeed

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