2014 Jan.20: “Walking Corpse”

Marred & dictated to,
by none that created I.
Jailed into faculties that were insisted upon,
way before my existence.
Pathways of Myself,
pre-determined by structures
that had lesser understandings
of the complexities of human.

Born and raised into the basic savagery of pro-creation based sexuality,
eliminating all of the emotional & spiritual intelligence of companionship.
“The man and the wom(b)man must carry on the lineage of humanity”
A questionable sentiment when overpopulation is said to exist,
symbiotically paired with the highest rates of selfishness and greed existent to this day.
Power they say…
What is all powerful about oppression?
I don’t see the oppressor being raped & beaten to death
for compromising humanity.

The notion is that all shall feed into a social classing;
texted into us through race, gender, academics, power & economic politics.
We tread on to further understand the makings of human
& find eurekas of innerstanding to allow us the freedom of being.
Yet we refuse the responsibility of applying this in overstanding to another soul.
As self-defined as we are.
A blatant contradiction,
to which we can do away with not finding alignment for,
because culture says
‘that’s the just the way it is’

We urge our evolution to an understanding that
even though we are still trying to even out the playing fields,
raced does not define who we are,
money does not define the wealth of our lives,
politics does not determine the laws of our existence
& neither does gender determine our sexuality.
Not looking to destroy the cultural aspects that pulverize us daily,
is in fact encouraging the art of questioning  the ‘lesser evils’.
When the query should actually be how it is that…
a human being’s decision that affects no aspects of another’s life negatively
can gain so much intolerance;
yet the one that dictates to another’s life & deprives them of their rights to life,
is so highly feared to the point of proven loyalty to evil.

My rapist, chauvinist, womanizing brother,
is still considered to be my brother
— this actually defining his manhood.
My prostituting, forced to lay on her back to feed a child – sister,
due to the unjustified failure of a government to educate her
& the baby daddy who walked out last night…
is said to be a disgrace to womanity
even though her motherhood is picture perfect.

The failure to nurture a collective consciousness,
that is aware of the limping psyche of its existent sectors,
is the reason why we have to ask…
Sister, where is your voice?
Certainly not in the fists of his patriarchal association to you.
Certainly not in the dick of his lacking sexual discipline.
Brothers, where are your voices?
Your consciousness says Sankara’s stand
is that the woman is the heart of the nation…

At present, his heart bleeds at his teachings abolished,
his nation drowning in a mental and social poverty;
& as we stand Africa…
The words of Interrupt magazine say that
‘a body of a black ,queer  woman is considered as a walking corpse’

Steve Biko wrote what he liked,
it is time we evolved
to do what we like.

Christie FossilSoul
© 2013



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