2013 Sept. 21: Waiting

I can’t wait for that year
when I will not hear of a lesbian murder,
I can’t wait for that week
when there will be no lesbian attacked.

I am praying for that moment when these so-called men
who kill, rape and verbally attack LGBTIQ people
are all behind bars.

I pray for heterosexual women to start supporting every
other woman out there,
Stop hiding your boyfriends who attack other women.

I’m patiently waiting
for my community to start minding their own business
about people’s sexuality
and allow every person to be whom they want to be,
whatever their sexuality and whom they choose to love

Only then,
can we have peace
and know that we won’t be another victim of hate
Until then,
I will go on waiting…

© Siya Mcuta



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NB:  Please note the this piece was first published in Sparkling Women, # 19
Publisher: Cheryl Roberts.

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