2014 Jan.21: My Woman

by Lebohang ‘Leptie’ Phume

I fell in love with someone I’d never met before.
All I knew  was she was 1.65m tall, had that dark brown chocolate skin,
big beautiful eyes and jaw lines to die for.

It was never my intention to walk into her life and actually fall in
love but God had other plans. It is not every day that you meet
an amazing, free spirited and loving soul.
She’s the type of person who doesn’t even try hard to put a smile on my face,
it just comes naturally. Her simple call just brightens up my day.

Come to think of it, I missed out on two great opportunities to meet up
with her because I was too busy with other things, that I couldn’t spare
just two hours of my time to meet my future wife. Fear not I’m willing
to spend the rest of my life making it up to my amazing partner.
Yes I said amazing.

She sure is the most amazing partner I could ever ask for. I will
support all her decisions because I know whatever love I give her.
She is always willing to do better and go the extra mile for us.
I have found in her what every person in the world is searching for.
She is the ride or die type,
the type that would help you bury a dead body and she’d
say nothing but grab a shovel and follow me.
I’m lying she would freak out first.

She’s the type of person that would never judge me but show me the right
path to take. She is someone who will always be there for me when I need her
the most. She is not just a partner but a best friend too.
Well I did say she is an amazing beautiful young woman.
She is my woman!


About the author

Lebohang Phume is a football player, Fashionista and an aspiring model.
Phume hails from Kwa-Thema, Springs.
She says, “I’m that purple sheep with color changing polka dots out of all the white sheep!”

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6 Responses to 2014 Jan.21: My Woman

  1. hnhlapo says:

    Aaaah! The sweet realisation that you may have found your ONE! Your “ride or die” soldier. Bliss.

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  3. web site says:

    Very beneficial piece on 2014 Jan.21: My Woman .
    Keep on blogging..

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  6. mandy Nxumalo says:

    WoooooOooooow this brings tears to my eyes,dis is just too sweet

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