2014 May 13: “Making love to it”

by Lebohang ‘Leptie’ Phume


Based on the 12th April 2014 photo shoot experience in Parktown, Johannesburg

I have never imagined myself behind the camera, instructing or photographing. But that perception changed few weeks ago when I found myself watching from behind the scene and gaining insight on how Zanele Muholi operated behind the camera. I am sure by now dear reader; I need not inform you of my love for being in front of the camera and “making love to it”. It’s very hard for me to look at people do what I love most, and that is modeling. The experience from behind the lens made me want to learn more about photography and I believe it will somehow benefit me with my modeling career. I stood behind Zanele while she did what she does best, and as time drifted by I got the hang of things, and really started to enjoy the experience.

I pride myself on being punctual, and it came as no surprise to me that I was the first to arrive. Not that I am complaining of-course, it reflects well on me.
The ladies literally took hours to get ready, from hair to make up, leaving the floors in an absolute mess from the preparations and of course not forgetting to look at themselves in the mirror one too many times. And boy did they look pretty. Nervousness was the order of the day when the shoot began, tension filling the room.  One could feel that they were scared and this was evident in the photos taken.  They were reserved and not showing us what they made of or who they were.  One of the models was deaf.  So it was a bit of a challenge when it came to giving direction during the shoot.

I have since placed learning sign language as one of my top priorities now that I have seen how vital it is in the world of photography, be it professional or an amateur because communication and understanding is key between a photographer and her model.



L-R:  Eva, Somizy and Kat. photo shoot took place in Parktown, Johannesuburg
on the 12th April 2014
Photos by Zanele Muholi

Most of the ladies didn’t know how to strike poses and you could read from the expressions of uncertainty on their faces that they would think of a pose then change it because they are not too sure what they want to do next and whether or not it would work. I believe, in order to make your life easy do the first thing that comes to your mind. Chances are that will be your best angle.

Because we relied greatly on natural light – sunlight – to capture the shots required, my experience behind the lens was short-lived as the sun began to set and the day came to an end. Once again it was a weekend filled with experience for me. For all the aspiring models like myself I just want to add that it is wise to know your good side when you strike a pose, if not, the uncertainty will show in your photos.



Our gorgeous Kat…


Fierce Somizy…



Cool Yaya…

More photos to be included later…




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