2015 Jan. 16: Non/Believers of New Year’s resolutions

Interviews by Lebo ‘Leptie’ Phume

For years now I’ve been jotting down my new years resolutions and not even once have I followed them. I now find it useless for me to waste my time and write them down knowing very well they will never be met. So from now on ill live life the way it presents itself to me.

I have goals that I know I can achieve this year. Firstly, I want to see myself with a second photography certificate come the end of the year, and get a job so that I can be financially stable, able to feed on my fashion hunger. I would like to get myself in a modelling agency. Be the best girlfriend I can be, to my gorgeous partner. To stop waiting for special occasions before I do something special for her. Last but not least be more positive and less negative about life.

2015 Jan 16 Leptie 1_71032015 Jan 16 Leptie2_7104 The portraits of the author, Leptie contemplating… captured in Musgrave, Durban…


From the thousands of friends I have on Facebook, I asked those I’m close with to share their “resolutions” with me.

I don’t make resolutions, but I make plans. I dream and visualize what I want to achieve each year then work my “behind” off to make sure that I achieve my dreams. Some of the things that are on my to-do list this year are simple and some are exotic, they are all unique in their own way.

Below are some of their responses.

Firstly I will check if I needed loads of “resolutions” last year and how I stood by them. Then work as hard as I possibly can to accomplish the incomplete ones. Instead of waving dreams in the air, I’m making plans that will have significance and add meaning to my life. As clichè as this may sound, regular exercise and maintaining a balanced lifestyle is a need for me this year.
Learning something new and interesting is always fun, a value addition too. Becoming involved in community work, giving back to society is the least I can do, to make the world a better place to live in. Top of my list is getting rid of old habits and sleeping a lot .
– Nceba Classen

My resolution is to attract productive people in my life. I’ve wasted too much time with people who don’t want to succeed in life. – Senzo Gwala
My new year’s resolution is to stop defending my honour and speaking to people who do not deserve it. I want to make more time for reading and my photography interest. – Selaelo Mannya

I am not one to make such. I believe in living life how I see fit, without putting pressure on myself. I know my limits and there is no need to give myself unattainable tasks. Do you, without pressure and achieve your goals when the time is right. I just want to put more energy into my ideas and see them come to life this year. – Kabelo Maleka

My New Year resolution is to work my way up to the senior management trainee position, perform my poetry, eat healthier, learn how to play a guitar and ride a bicycle. Also work on getting my poetry published by a publishing house. – Sizakele Phohleli

My resolutions start every day, not for the New Year only. It’s great to strive for something that can better yourself. I want to keep motivating people around me and one of the things I would like to improve is to be a better listener. The most important one is climbing the corporate ladder and leaving my mark, so that when I quiet, my silence will be felt. Lose weight, travel more than before and graduate and get my 3rd qualification. – Precious Skosana

I sometimes find it quiet cliché that when a new year begins we all make resolutions. By year-end we have not done half of the things we said we would. 2014 I’ve been very unreliable at times, I sometimes failed to be the perfect daughter, sister, friend and girlfriend, and I say that with no pride. 2015 comes with a limited amount of “sorry” and whole lot of smart work and better time management. I’ve made it a mission to attend more fashion shows, read more blogs and of course productively promote my brand. – Jenna Louw

Mine is to be happy, be with people that love and appreciate me.
Who are in my life because it feels right not because they are looking at gaining something or do something for me because I will have to do in return. And of course most of my plans to go as planned.
– Yaya Mavundla

It is more of short-term goals for me. Like extending my grandmother’s house, lose weight and get back to football. Most of all to empower young people the best way I can.
Moyokazi Vooi

My resolution is to park my car in the garage every night and not at the open parking. I know it sounds crazy but it is like that. I get hurt when it rains and its just there or when its sunny it gets burned.
I told myself that this year, it will never spend a night in the open parking.

– Sana Mollo

I need to spend less on sneakers, drink less beer, keep fit and eat more home cooked meals than take-aways. Most of all, focus on my B-tech in electrical studies more than anything else.
– Asanele Ngalo

Having that relationship with God is the main, I want to improve my mental well-being. Enjoy life and hopefully stay motivated, I want to manage my finances because they get out of hand at times. I want to play football again and also need cooking lessons. – Wendy Nkotwana



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