2019 May 22: I am ready to love you

Shattered apart she patiently amended my being


She shed my heart with hers

Connected the missing dots with each kiss to bring me back to reality

I realised it was time to let love precisely hers to cleanse my once rotten soul

It was a moment I have long for to belong

in her arms I felt safe

My heart was sheltered

She crept up in the right moment to calm the storm and uncertainties I have liberated on in fear to tell someone’s daughter to love me

She shouting from the top of her lungs the much-needed melodies to sweeten the bitter taste left by love before

Replicated her vessels with bravery she stood tall filling my empty cup with once dared love I have dreamed of

Flowing in my mind she retrieved in my medulla to work in spaces I have long forgotten the visibility of them will bring joy yet again, I felt alive

Not knowing what to do, I surrendered to her love open for possibility I was ready to love

In anticipation of yet another empirically feeling when she carries her heart to give to me while she graze in love do help me grace, I have found the one.

Nobody has submitted her love for me in an audience full of watchful eyes her soul stood film absolutely with nothing but love shouted in shiver

Her eyes are still filled with love

I can’t wait to journey in destiny together settled in our hearts we have become one

Her promise still remain to hold me despite my torn apart heart she never left nor complain shed my heart with hers

I am ready to love you



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