2019 June 16: In her arms

I woke up in my lover’s arms yesterday

My arms were wrapped around her

She told me

I am here for you

I am here for us

I woke up in my lover’s arms yesterday

It felt so perfect

It felt so right

She kept on looking at me

She even looked at me when I was asleep

By the time I was awake

There she was

With her gracious smile

With her reassured face

With her beautiful face

I woke up in my lover’s arms yesterday

She couldn’t believe I was there

She couldn’t stomach I was right there

She couldn’t digest I was standing there

Ready to love her

Like how I have loved her all along

I woke up in my lover’s arms yesterday

She made sure everything was right

The mood was too good

So good

I woke up in my lover’s arms yesterday

I didn’t want to let her go

I wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for……


I was assured

I was loved

I was held

I was celebrated

I was happy

I was content

I can’t wait to wrap myself all over my lover’s arm again

© Mercury_Duma


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