2013 Feb. 11: I almost wished

by Ntsiki Cassie Dlamini

I almost wished I could start all over again.
Go back to my first day and draw my first breath.
To my early months and attempt my first steps.
To my childhood era and make new friends.
Back to my golden teens and establish new interest, new life.
I almost wish all of this was just a dream that I would wake up and 
Discover that I was still young.
With a life ahead and chances to explore, 
With time and an opportunity to plan without mistakes,
And the chance to do this much better, much wiser
I almost wished someone could hold me tight.
Tell me everything is going to be alright
Make me understand that tomorrow is still mine.
Talk to me, show me the way, take away my fears,
Tell me not to lose hope.
I almost wished I had not come here but now I know
That I should not wish, 
for it is with coming here that I have come to know,
That yesterday was a journey where I discovered myself,
And everyday a good lesson
That only grew me LIFE GOES ON.
I only want to face today and keep my wishes for tomorrow.
For yesterday has come to be, was and is GONE!(c) 2013




About the author:

As she featured in Faces & Phases (2012)

As she featured in Faces & Phases (2012)

Ntsiki Cassie Dlamini is a young beautiful South African proud lesbian woman, activist.
She’s from a small town, Pietermaritzburg. Studied Arts & Drama at University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN). In 2006, she volunteered at the Gay & Lesbian Network as a health counsellor, and facilitator. She also participated in the Rainbow Theatre Company, a drama group that showcase the difficulties that same gender loving persons are facing on daily basis.
She is a writer and spend most of her spare time writing.

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