2019 May 25: Will my name be there?

by Aluncedo Cetywayo
One of these days my body will be under the ground.
I will be no more .
Will they remember my name?
Will my name be on the history books?
Telling  the new generation that I fought for the betterment of our society.
Will it say that I perished fighting for unity.
Will my name be in the big museum walls educating  the new generation how I  have given possibilities  to a black child.
Will there be movies where I, black child is the superhero.
Will my name be written in a way that empowers black excellence?
Will they write my name in a way  that indicates greatness.
I have been alive and conquering with my name.
If I die today I want no pain associated  with my name.
I may have had chapters of pain.
But I want no new black generation exposed to the pain of the black nation history.
When you write my name .
May a black child not get an idea that when you are black you have to struggle.
When you write my name tell a black child I have created  possibilities indulge on them black child and be unapologetic.
When they write  my name let it give power to the nation .
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