2019 June 18: LEAVE ME ALONE

by Viola Rosy May

Leave me alone I am a child

Not a puppet or doll that you can hide

You look at me as if I can be the wife number 3 that left you

You want to touch so they would not know

But I’m not stupid, let me go

Let me play my games with friends

I am just a child so let me be free

I told my mother and aunty too and wait my uncle is coming to “moer” you

Stop grabbing me, you are hurting me

You are treating me like a second car wheel

Promising me sweets and R5 airtime

Dude get with the times that’s not how we roll

I know my rights as a child

You touch me again and I’ll put your sorry ass in jail

Vava:  Cape Town 21 May 2019

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