2019 June 20: “You are in my heart”

by Vava Rosy May

Your silent presence, I still feel

Your secret smile, I still see

A smile for those you loved,

Yet not many people knew

Your fighting spirit weakening within

Yet not ready to give up this thing

Encouraging words from

Your family and friends, made the meaning

Of life worth living hopefully till the end

The dates went by, Lord I was hoping for an extra day

With you telling me ‘thank you baby I feel alright’

I felt your pain when I held your hand tight

The tears we shared made all the bad disappear

You called me not long therafter,

A day or two before you let go

I was over overjoyed to hear your voice and

To share that moment even if it seemed too late

The sound of your voice circled in my head

I tried not to be upset knowing it was your last goodbye.

You taught me how to fight for a cause,

That in the end you endured

© Vava 17 May 2012






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