2013 April 3: Reflecting on InterSexions

by Thulielove Gifted Hands Sodumo

I was watching the episode of interseXions with my family last night, they were all fuming about the abuse we lesbians suffer under the hands of the community, I shared the same sentiments….but..

I kept having this edge to say..”its not always like this”. And it really isn’t.
I feel like our sexuality is dangled like a steak in a hungry lions den and we all know how dangerous that is.
Yes we suffer and all but like a coin the story has two sides and the other is pleasent.

Why does a black lesbian woman have to be always covered in blood and suffering?
Why can’t she be happy and laugh till it hurts.
Why can’t we see a couple all lovey dovey.

This nonsense of victimization has to end. I can’t help feel that the community is enjoying this wounded lesbian, infact some Christians feels like it is what we deserve they will qoute the bible and talk all kinds of hogwash. They want this for a lesbian woman to suffer, they why is the media feeding this beast? It is sensationalism at its best. As long as the ratings are up crew who will deal with the consequences, screw those that go through this day in and out and screw everyone that is affected by this.

InterSexions may have tried but it has instilled the stereotypes we black lesbian women are trying to debunk.
Why promote violence?
I am sick and tired of watching exaggerated bullshit.

Ok so where is the lesbian women?
Why are our stories told by other people and not use?
Where are the lesbian writers?
Lesbian crew, cast everything it takes to make a show work and be seen.
How long must we be stepped onto and aside for shows like these to happen?
Isn’t it time for us to tell our stories?
For the longest time the media has cast us aside, when we want justice we aren’t good enough but when they want to sell their shows we are good enough.

Where can a lesbian get funding for such?
Our lives and stories have been stolen and all we do is complain and complain some more, we are all talk and no action…
We are victimized ourselves as well. Aren’t we tired of being used?

InterSexions woke up an animal to uThemba in Zone 14 from now on the bigoted homophobic imbecile will target lesbian and beat them up, rape them and we all know the reality is that, so many perpetrators got away with this, the police aren’t that eager to help, they will never go dOor to door investigating instead under their hands we suffer second hand rape and victimization, they will ridicule and laugh and even say “hayi wena sisi you were asking for that”…whay?
Why wasn’t that shown, if you going to talk about the lesbian story, do your research tell it as it is, don’t sugarcoat things, don’t lie and make it sweet.

I would die to see lesbians on TV kissing, cuddling and making love, being human.
I feel like they don’t wanna show that side because it humanises us, it shows we are human, we hurt, we love, we get turned on, we are a force to be reckoned with. No one can be more human than the other and it shows exacly that! They fear that, because they would rather deal with us bloody and broken or have that picture in their heads, poor abused victims, instead of us with power, tanacity and virtue, instead of me touching my girlfriend, instead of us laying in bed naked together, instead of me and her on the alter getting married, instead of us having a family and being “normal” humans. The community cannot handle that kind of truth because it doesn’t sit well with their ideals, their normalization is disturbed, their comfort zones would be destroyed and their righteous ways.

I am begging lesbians especially african lesbians to gather together and work on something, something that the South African general is ready for but it being ignorant towards it, I want scenes of me and my baby naked just like they show other coupled do so, I want her to kiss me blue and all that be on screen.
I want these nests the community have built for their comfort to be demolished, I want kids to know there is mummy and mummy in other households, I want the system and order that people have created just to hide the truth be revealed and I want a lesbian woman be the one telling thse stories.

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