2017 Dec. 15: Ricki & Tony’s best wedding

Team TT Weds

by: Lerato Dumse

Days after making her/story in her birth country Botswana, Tshepo Ricki Kgositau walked down the aisle on Friday, December 15, 2017 in Cape Town, South Africa.
Ricki reached a new life milestone by marrying the man of her dreams.

On Tuesday, December 12, 2017, Botswana High Court ordered the state to legally recognise Ricki’s gender identity. Justice Leatile Dambe told the national registrar in Gaborone to change Ricki’s gender from male to female in the national registrar, and “issue her with a new identity card identifying her as a female”.

The couple first met on a Sunday afternoon on the 10th of August 2014. The groom Tony Kanza believes he was destined to meet Ricki because they stayed in the same street in Cape Town and waited for their public transport near each other’s homes.



Ricki arrived at the wedding venue driven in a maroon vintage 1936 Chevrolet sedan, while the sun prepared to set in Hout Bay and the wind blew gently (for Cape Town standards). The bride climbed out of the car ready to exchange wedding vows with her Congolese born partner. Guests ululated as Ricki exited the car and emerged clutching her bouquet in one hand and her brother in another. She looked beautiful in her figure hugging long dress and platted dreadlocks partly visible through her veil.  Tony stood tall and looked dapper in his blue suit, patiently waiting for his bride. The blue sky provided the perfect cover for this garden wedding, surrounded by nature in the form of mountains and water. After the “I Dos” it was time for the vows. Ricki pledged to always love Tony saying, “You accepted me with all that I came with and have never for a moment given me the impression that you ever questioned your decision to be with me”.

In their wedding website Tony and Ricki shared how their relationship includes coincidences. “August is the anniversary of when we met and started dating and his birth month too, while October is the anniversary of our engagement and it is my birth month. December 2016 happens to be the month I had my gender affirming surgery and is the future anniversary of our civil marriage.

Limited to a maximum of one hundred and twenty guests, the wedding was intimate with guests handpicked. Among the guest list was Kgositau’s mother, brothers, relatives, activists, colleagues and friends.  Lawyer Lesego Nchunga, who represented Kgositau during the High Court victory, was present to witness the special event.

The couple chose close friends to be their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Lomie Serole was the Best Lady. Her and Ricki met in tertiary and lived together for a while. This was not the first milestone experienced by Lomie. She accompanied Ricky to Thailand for her gender affirming surgery.

While Maid of Honour Tumisang Letamo and Ricki’s friendship is cemented by their love for God and understanding that there is a God out there that hears the cries and prayers of its people.

The Man Of Honour was Justin Barume, who is Tony’s homeboy from DRC and now part of his family in Cape Town. “Justin is one of the greatest supporters to Tony & Ricki and even went to Botswana to represent the Kanza family in the magadi negotiations for Ricki.

The bride and her team started their day with final rehearsals at the venue on the morning of the wedding. They then headed back to their wedding accommodation in Green Point to get ready for the main event. The groom with the pastor and groomsmen dressed up in the couple’s home, surrounded by pictures of the bride and groom and messages of love displayed in their home.

Reverend Mampane officiated the wedding ceremony and offered the closing prayer following the reception. Speaking in his fast paced voice, Reverend Mampane offered the newlyweds some marital advice, urging them to “have fun with each other” much to the guest’s delight.

With the ceremony wrapped up, the wedding team rushed off with Inkanyiso crew to have their wedding photographs captured. Family and friends enjoyed starters and drinks. Upon returning to the wedding venue it was time to have dinner and speeches.

Before ending the night the dance floor was set alive by the wedding team presenting their choreographed pieces. The lovebirds also got a chance to have their first dance as a couple before they threw the bouquet and gutter to all the singletons in the house.

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