2014 Jan. 2: Look at me


Look at me
Analyse me, look into my eyes
See the lies, see what lays underneath my eyes
Decode my lines because there is nothing
but a manipulation of my lies
Dictated by the life that was supposedly designed to fit
my dreams
I am trapped in what I see and how I’m supposed to be
I am trapped in what they see and how they are supposed to be
I am trapped damaged by many tears that dent my dreams
I speak through these monkey bars
I am bemused
Lost in my own illusions
Could you tell me what you see
so that maybe I could construct my life
according to your narrow mind
I see way too many shades of colour in my rainbow
Its never been black or white
I see a life with too many sides
And it seems like their rights are wrongs
to me and my rights are sin to them
I’m locked inside out
Too afraid to stand out
I don’t want to be different
Although those who pretend to be the same
are never satisfied at the end of them day
because their pretentious ways end up separating them
So you stay locked within these social constructions
These monkey bars

Andiswa Dlamini
© 02/01/2014



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